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Block Paving Restoration In Altrincham


Paving Sealing Altrincham

Is your old block paving looking worn in Altrincham? Is the colour faded completely on your driveway or patio paving? If it is, give us a call. We can completely clean off your old block paving. Use a new kiln dried sand once we have it left completely clean and then we can seal it. Sealing it is like adding a layer on top of the paving. It glosses over and functions nearly like a varnish.
It will protect the paving from moss growth and weed growth. It can restore colour back to the paving as well. Call us now for a quote on your driveway restoration needs!

Block Paving Restoration Altrincham

We will first power wash the entire paved area. This removes the existing build up of grime, dirt and moss on your paving. Once it has been completely and thoroughly cleaned, we will let it dry. Once dried, kiln dried sand is added back to your paving joints.

We add the paving sealer over the paving by either spraying or brushing it in depending on the area. Normally we add 2 coats to ensure a strong barrier. This restores colour and prevents further degradation of your old paving. Call today for a free low cost quotation on restoring your old paving instead of replacing!